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July was Spirited Away month over at Silver Screen Society, and their talented gang of graphic designers tackled Miyazaki’s masterpiece from some wildly diverse angles. 

Check out the SSS site to see the full gallery and get info about the awesome artists responsible.

Credits: Jean-David Minseroux, José Sala, Maria Suarez-Inclan, Barry Blankenship



Visit Criterion’s site for more info.


Rare photos of Stanley Kubrick and his assistant editors editing Barry Lyndon in the converted garage of his home in Abbots Mead, December 1974.

(via descepter)


R.I.P. Lauren Bacall


R.I.P. Lauren Bacall

bigbootyjeudy said: I could fill a million ask boxes with what I thought of your experience at the #IAMSORRY exhibit, half of them with just tears, but I'll simply say thank you for that entire retelling. It was sad, and gut wrenching & exactly what I needed.

To have moved you in such a way — I am grateful. Thank you for your kind words & I’m glad I could have shared the experience with you! <3


Check Out a Bunch of Old Unused Poster Designs for “Jurassic Park”
Because this is happening. This weekend, 8/16. Til dawn, folks.

Because this is happening. This weekend, 8/16. Til dawn, folks.

Because, sometimes, you just need a kiss from Jeff Goldblum.

synsbedrag said: I really adore french movies so I would recommend to you: Blue is the Warmest Colour, Tomboy, Water Lilies and Goodbye First Love - all truly lovely films :-) And now, if you don't mind me asking, how did your meeting with Shia Labeouf affect you? The things you told him was the exact same things I would have wanted to tell him, I am sure he will remember your loving words!

Thank you SO much for the recommendations! I have been curious about most of those films — especially ‘Blue Is the Warmest Colour’. I will definitely check them out! :D The meeting with Shia was during a time I really needed to connect with another, who somehow understood and felt what I felt/was going through in their own way. And that was exactly what happened. It was necessary, I believe, for both of us. There is nothing more raw than watching another human being cry or genuinely smile. I couldn’t stop thinking about the experience for the rest of that day, and in all honesty, for quite sometime after that. And I have connected to so many lovely individuals & made new friends — just from this post about it, who have connected to the experience through the writing! In fact, I am meeting up with a friend (who found me by reading my post) next week for the first time. She is awesome. We are so alike and I can’t wait! But, overall, it still remains one of my favorite human interactions I’ve ever had, so far. :)

Thank you, Mr. Williams. Thank you.